Specialized GAMMA bridge operating platforms

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Specialized GAMMA bridge operating platforms are designed for the use during the performance of repair, finishing and painting works on the surface of the finished superstructure with a maximum transverse slope of up to 20%.

The platform makes it possible to work above river beds and in areas with highly rugged terrain where towers, scaffolding or other auxiliary structures and devices cannot be used.
The bridge platform consists of a spatial steel truss with a deck and load-bearing frames at the ends with access platforms (interconnecting walkways) and makes it possible to work on lower and side (vertical) planes of bridge structures of various profiles along the entire span between the poles. The modular truss system allows the length of the working platform to be optimized for any width of the bridge superstructure.
Due to its dimensions, high carrying capacity and scaffolding systems that repeat the profile of the bridge deck, it is possible to work simultaneously on all planes, while placing equipment and materials directly on the platform.

Category: Safe work systems


Name Value
Permissible load on the platform 1 t
Width 3,8 m
Length 23,4 m