GAMMA wind screens

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GAMMA wind screens are a rail climbing system (RCS) with a protective fence mounted on it. Wind screens are designed to protect people and objects against falling from height, as well as to protect personnel from the wind. Depending on the chosen design, they can be equipped with access platforms for performing various types of work.  

Lifting to the next stage can be carried out using a hydraulic system without the application of cranes. The tight abutment of the wind screen joints protects people and work sites. Safe movement even at high wind speeds is ensured by permanent attachment to the wall of the building under construction. Thanks to the adjustable shoes, it is possible to adapt the system to complex outlines and floors with variable levels.  

Synchronized movement of hydraulic cylinder rods. Built-in system of automatic blocking of hydraulic cylinders in case of emergency.

Category: Safe work systems


Name Value
Loading capacity of the hydraulic lifting system5 t
Lifting speed1,0 m/min
Hydraulic cylinder stroke length (effective)600 mm
Supply voltage (three-phase current)380 V/50 Hz
Power consumption4,0 kW