GAMMA versatile clamp


The most durable formwork locks according to the test results of CNIIS-Test

The versatile wedge clamp both pulls and aligns the elements of large-panel formwork, which provides:
  • Сlamping formwork panels together as quickly as possible; 
  • Obtaining tight joints of panel formwork to get a flat concrete surface; 
  • Possibility to absorb both tensile and compressive forces;
  •  No gradual “slipping” under dynamic loads (for example, hammer blows). 

Specifications of GAMMA formwork clamps

  • A specially developed steel grade with given physical and mechanical properties for effective absorbing shock loads (which arise during the operation of the locks) provides a bearing capacity of up to 5.1 tf (test report attached).
  • The sheet thickness for lock elements is 6 mm (base and movable brackets).
  • The wedge is made by hot stamping technology, which provides higher strength ​​(as compared to the casting method), which is achieved by strain hardening, direction of the fiber along the configuration of the part, and improvement of the surface microgeometry. 
  • Electroplated coating provides high corrosion resistance. 
  • The service life of the locks is more than 4 years of intensive use.

Scheme of operation of the GAMMA

1 versatile clamp — Panels are not in the same plane and not pulled together. The lock wedge is in the upper position.   

2 – When driving a wedge, the panels are aligned in a plane, but not yet connected to each other.  

3 – The wedge is driven in and the panels are aligned and pulled together