How we get your formwork back into operation


Removing concrete residues and old paint


Replacing bushings and damaged parts


Repair of stripping corners


Plywood replacement and powder coating

After the renovation, you get your formwork back with the characteristics of a new one, but for much less money!

The correct panel geometry plays an important role in the performance of monolithic works

Formwork repair: does it make sense?

All construction companies using formwork and equipment for monolithic works face the challenge of renovation and restoration of formwork panels. Many people solve this problem by their own efforts, restoring panels directly at the facility as possible. Such restoration, as a rule, does not renew the panels to their initial characteristics, which obviously negatively affects the work speed and the concrete surface quality.

The correct panel geometry is very important for the performance of monolithic works and depends on how smooth load-bearing walls, floors, supports and other structures are. Incorrect geometry of such structures results in the uneven load distribution, which is unacceptable with modern construction technologies.

Today, automated technologies make it possible to restore the panel geometry to the new state and at the same time save a significant amount of money.

The complex of standard recovery measures includes:

  • cleaning the frame from concrete residues;
  • replacement of bushings;
  • replacement of damaged elements;
  • beading and straightening of damaged elements;
  • plywood replacement;
  • powder coating.

The formwork restoration is carried out with the use of the same equipment as is used for its manufacture in accordance with the same standards and with mandatory quality control.

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