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The range of specialized equipment for the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures produced by Technocom-BM includes modular formwork for the manufacture of prestressed reinforced concrete beams, which is in particular demand among organizations engaged in bridge construction. 

Advantages of prestressing

Prestressed reinforced concrete structures are the backbone of modern construction, offering a number of advantages over non-stressed structures. This is due to the technical properties of this type of reinforced concrete used as a building material. 

The method of manufacturing of prestressed reinforced concrete ensures its high tensile strength.  At the same strength, structures made of prestressed reinforced concrete differ from unstressed ones in significantly smaller deflections, higher durability and increased crack resistance, which make it possible, at an equal section of the element, to overlap significantly large bridge spans with beams. 

Prestressing by formwork during the manufacture of reinforced concrete products improves their reaction to compression and deflection, lightens the structure and ensures high safety of the structure. 

The GAMMA formwork set for the manufacture of reinforced concrete beams is intended for concreting beams of span structures of artificial structures. With the help of a formwork set, reinforced concrete beams of span structures of various lengths can be manufactured. 

Formation of prestressed bridge beams

The number of modules depends on the length of the required structure. Due to the presence in the Technocom-BM portfolio of a large number of ready-made design solutions (MS) and modern production equipment, an increase in the number of modules makes almost no effect on the formwork manufacturing time. 

The formwork system for the manufacture of reinforced concrete beams consists of a set of base, side and end elements that absorb all loads during concreting, and auxiliary components that ensure its installation in the design position, alignment, and maintenance during the work performance. 

Elements of various lengths 1.5 m, 2.5 m, 3.0 m and 3.5 m are composed into a single framework with a total length of up to 33 meters using fasteners and metalware. If necessary, the formwork length can be easily extended or reduced due to its specific design. 

The design load on the panels of modular formwork for the manufacture of prestressed reinforced concrete bridge beams is 90 kN/m2. The reusability rate of the formwork set is 400 cycles.  

The scope of supply of modular formwork systems for the manufacture of prestressed bridge structures:

The formwork kit includes:

  • Side element; 
  • End element;
  •  Base element; 
  • Spindle; 
  • Spring cotter pin;
  •  Set of fasteners. 

The GAMMA formwork design meets the requirements of Class I according to GOST R 34329-2017.

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