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Technocom-BM designs and manufactures on a permanent basis steel forms for the formation of a wide range of tetrapods and hexabites. Delivery in Russia and for export.

Production has been started since 1993. The products are shipped by any means of transport. The warranty term for all products is 12 months.

We provide a full range of services for technical support and consultation from the moment of design to the stripping of the steel forms at the customer’s site.


HB hexabit is a concrete block of a complex geometric shape formed by six prismatic rods connected in pairs at an angle of 90° into a cube. Only two adjacent rods are in the same plane, and each pair of rods is mutually perpendicular to the opposite pair. The low center of gravity enhances the hexabit stability in the operating position. The iagged configuration of the structure provides support at any three corners out of six, in which the pairs of rods converge. This ensures a reliable HB connection with the underlying stone base and between the blocks themselves. These products are used as a breakwater in the construction of hydrotechnical facilities such as moles, shore protection facilities, and underwater wave-damping stands that protect slopes of structures and shores from destruction by sea waves. 

In the manufacture of hexabits, steel forms of special design are used. To obtain high quality concrete, the formwork shall have the correct geometry as well as high resistance to loads and adverse environmental factors. An important role is also played by the steel grade, reliable fasteners and elastic crack-resistant powder coating, which together extend the life of the hexabit formwork.  


Tetrapods are special structures intended for construction of protective structures and seawalls. These are reinforced concrete blocks designed to protect shores, keep beaches or areas below the water level from flooding. In addition, their use has a positive effect on the state of water bodies. Tetrapods protect the coastal soil from erosion, and thanks to their use, the top layer of the earth is not washed away as a result of river pollution. 

Tetrapods (or breakwaters) are integral products consisting of four cone-shaped elements. They are made of high-strength, resistant to aggressive mechanical impact, hydro-technical concrete (grades from 300 and more). Its additional characteristics determine the conditions for the use of ready-made structures: climatic, as well as application in the sea or river zone. 

In addition to their traditional use, tetrapods often are used as elements of architectural compositions of parks and other public places.

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Technocom-BM designs, manufactures and commissions steel forms of various types for the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. The advantage of GAMMA steel forms is the permanent high quality of the equipment, designed for many years of operation without additional maintenance costs. GAMMA forms ensure stable manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete products for industrial purposes, in particular, for the construction industry. 

 One of Technocom-BM’s areas of specialization is the production of non-standard metal products and structures for plants producing reinforced concrete products, such as forms for hollow deck slabs, beams, girders, lintels, stiffening diaphragms, stair flights, and much more. We provide services for the development of design documentation in the 3D format. The technical capabilities and qualifications of our employees allow us to manufacture any metal products and structures.