Nevsky residential complex


Nevsky residential complex in Admiral Makarov Street is a residential block located in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow that offers a combination of beauty and modern comfort. 7 multi-storey buildings with original architecture and unique decoration of apartments in the marine style have been erected.  

In the very center of the courtyard space, there is an ice grotto, created in the image of the Ice Cave in the Zaryadye Park.  

The shopping gallery restores the atmosphere of an old pier with cobbled sidewalks and arched bridges. The Nevsky Berth is part of the project for reconstruction of the 10th microdistrict “Khimki-Khovrino” and is made in the style of the Northern River Station, an object of cultural heritage of Russia, built in 1937. The new buildings are united by a common stylobate part, raised three meters above the ground level. Red clinker bricks, combined with wood and metal, set the vibrant rhythm of modern architecture. The architectural composition is based on the concept of a ship. 

 GAMMA wall forms manufactured by TECHNOCOM-BM are used in the construction of the Nevsky residential complex.