About the project

Construction of a new monolithic bridge on the 1083rd km of the M-39 highway passing through Samarkand under “Kuprikkurilishloyiha”, a joint project with the participation of British and Russian designers.  

Continuous three-row beams of various construction heights are used as intermediate supports. The length of the outer spans is 33 meters, and the length of the intermediate one is 42 meters. GAMMA wall forms and floor slab forms manufactured by Technocom-BM are used in the construction of the overpass.  

The total length of the overpass is 110 meters and the width is 28.9 meters. The bridge is divided into 3 lanes on each side with a width of 3.5 meters. The capacity of the overpass is about 600 vehicles per hour (14,000 vehicles per day).