Crystal residential complex


The Crystal business-class residential complex is located in the Union Park quarter on Glagolev Street, near a natural artery – the Moscow River and Serebryany Bor. 

 The perimeter of the building will have a complex outline that resembles protruding edges of a crystal.

  Balconies are located in the lower part of the building, from the 3rd to the 16th floors. The upper part is decorated with luxurious bay windows.  

The lower floors are faced with dark brown clinker bricks and with porcelain stoneware of the same shade in the upper part. 

 High-speed construction is one of the key advantages of Krost company. The building is to be commissioned in the 4th quarter of this year.  

GAMMA formwork systems manufactured by TECHNOCOM-BM are used in the construction of the Crystal residential complex. 

  • ЖК Кристалл / Crystal