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TECHNOCOM-BM offers for rental various types of formwork
and construction equipment

Formwork rental provides a number of advantages!

Why is formwork rental in demand?

The purchase price for a formwork set can be quite high.

The formwork structure is installed temporarily and is dismantled after a while, after which the equipment may no longer be needed. That is why rental of formwork during the construction of a monolithic structure allows avoiding high costs.

he cost of formwork rental may depend on a number of aspects:

  1. Place of equipment delivery.
  2. The formwork rental price depends on the material area, which is measured in m2. The rental price is specified per m2.
  3. Monolithic construction is carried out using various technologies, so the rental time lines vary significantly.

With the appearance of such a service in Moscow, monolithic construction has become more profitable. In conclusion, it should be noted that the use of high-quality formwork allows getting a strong and reliable structure within a short time.

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